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To enter NewStar Design Awards, you simply submit 3 examples of your best work for judging in a 2D, 3D or Multimedia Category. You need to be a student or a new graduate (graduated in 2012) to enter. 
If you are entering multiple categories, you must submit three examples for each category you enter as separate projects.  If you are unsure how best enter please call to discuss.  Applications will need to be submitted via The Loop (, Australia’s number one creative community.

Entry Categories

Category 1 – Multimedia

Includes video, short film, animation, television advertisement, motion graphics, website walk through, computer game demonstration, digital moving image, mobile apps etc. NOTE: these can only be 1 minute long and must be in .mov format.

Category 2 – 2D

Includes printed visual communication, graphic design, corporate branding, advertising, poster design, stationery, publication, packaging etc.

Category 3 – 3D

Includes products, packaging, automotive, furniture, jewellery, built environment, set design, fashion etc… Do not submit the physical model. Entries must be a digital illustration, photograph, movie, screen grab or 360 degree perspective of the design.

How do I Apply?

WARNING: The submission process is slightly different this year so please read the instructions for the 2 part process carefully; ( Part 1: Low Res, Part 2: High Res)

Part 1 : Submit your low res entry on the loop for judging


I don’t have a profile on The Loop?
Step A. Create a Free Profile then proceed to step B

I already have a profile on The Loop?

Step B. Create a Project in your Loop Profile for your Submission:

Once you are logged into your Loop profile click ADD NEW PROJECT:

Project Title: Give your project a title : FirstName_LastName_NewStar Design Awards_Category

Profession: Select your preferred profession

Skills: Select Relevant Skills

Project Description:  You will be submitting examples of your 3 best works. This si where you will describe the three projects. List each example with a description of 25 words or less:

e.g Example1: Branding Identity: Sustainable Coffee Company
Example 2: Packaging: Boutique beer
Example3: Mobile App: ANZ Bank

Select UPDATE PROJECT to submit images
Select ADD CONTENT or EMBED VIDEO and upload an image or video for each example.

Once your profile is updated with your NewStar entry you need to apply for the Award by going to the following link and applying for the relevant category.

Any questions or problems with Part 1 email, they’ll be happy to help.

Part 2 Submit your High Resolution images or mov. files to our Hightail drop box for inclusion in the shortlist publication and exhibition.

2D and 3D

You can submit this work in JPEG, TIFF.
300 dpi as the largest file possible, for application in large format print.
CMYK if possible


Submit up to a one minute mov. file to represent your work or screen grabs of digital projects as well as a high resolution stills for inclusion in print

Make a folder named: FirstName_LastName_Category  (e.g. JOE_BLOGS_2D)

Name each file: FirstName_LastName_project name
(e.g. JOE_BLOGS_Packaging)

Ensure your folder is Zipped before you upload it here:

Any questions? leave a comment or email us at

Please leave enough time to ensure the two stage application process is complete well before the closing time as we cannot guarantee high level internet traffic will not effect your submission
NB: Shortlisted works will be included in our annual publication and exhibition. The shortlist will not be announced until the international Design Forum in Melbourne April 2014.

Check List
Have you:

  • Read and understood the information on this document?
  • Logged a profile on The Loop and uploaded work?
  • Submitted your high resolution work to the Hightail dropbox?
  • Correctly named your files? Allowed enough time to complete the application  form and upload the files before the deadline?
  • Indicated in your application which category you are applying for?
  • Bought your ticket to attend the agIdeas 2014 International Design Forum? Tickets will be on sale from January 2014.


Terms and Conditions

Use of Work: By entering the agIdeas NewStar Design Awards, the applicant grants the irrevocable right to use the work to promote the agIdeas NewStar Design Awards and any sponsors involvement in these awards, as Design Foundation, agIdeas and its partners sees fit. The applicant understands and agrees that Design Foundation, agIdeas or its partners shall not be required to make any payment to the entrant or any third party in respect of such promotional usage.

For Further Information
Design Foundation
+61 3 9416 2966

44 thoughts on “how to enter

  1. I understand that if you are submitting for one category, that you submit 3 pieces for that category, but it says: ” If you are entering multiple categories, you must submit three works in each category.”, that would mean that some people would be submitting 9 total entries, which I think is unfair to anyone best suited to just one category. Is that correct?

    • Sorry for the confusion Nick, it’s probably not worded correctly but basically if you are entering more than one category you still need to enter 3 works. Some people think that because the are entering twice they don’t need to fulfil the requirements. Hope this makes sense, i’ll try re wording the info so it’s a little clearer!

  2. Hi there

    I wish to upload my resume in pdf to qualify for the Fabrica award. However I don’t think Loop has an option for this. Is uploading a jpeg version to my projects okay? Thank you

    • Hi, only one person can win the prize unfortunately so technically you can submit a two man project but you’ll have to decide who takes the prize between yourselves and that might be tricky!

  3. Hi,

    I just applied for the Multimedia entries, and was just wondering if I am automatically entered for the Fabrica award because of this? Because I only want to apply for the Collie Print Trust award, not Fabrica. Thanks very much for your help!

  4. Hello,

    Were the entries ment to be saved as a singular project with one image or as three multiple projects with multiple images saved under the same name?

    also, is a linked .mov to a Vimeo account an acceptable entry?

    Thank you

    • Hi there, either is fine. The Vimeo should be fine however if you are lucky enough to be shortlisted you will need to supply an .mov file!

      • Hi, I think Sam must have responded to you as well as me – can you send the highest resolutions stills you can provide. We will ask for an mov file later on.

        Cheers, Eleni

    • Hi Lisa,

      We shortlist to 30 people who get to be a part of our amazing Book that will be given out as part of you ticket to agIdeas 2013 but ultimately there are only two winners, one for the Collie Print trust and one for the Fabrica award.


    • Hi Ilona,

      There is no limit to enter the NewStar Design Awards, as long as you are a student or a new graduate (Graduated in 2012) you can enter the competition!

      Best of luck!

      The agIdeas Team

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Yes, it is a two part entry process so you need to submit on The Loop and then submit the high resolution images via Dropbox.

      Best of luck!
      The agIdeas Team

  5. Hi,
    Sorry I’m a little bit confused, can you enter each category up to three times? Meaning that you can submit all together 9 pieces. Or can you just submit 3 projects in total?

    • Hi Shivaun,

      There is no restriction on how many times you can enter, however,considering we are looking for your 3 best works, you need to ensure that each entry has your strongest work.

      Best of luck!

      The agIdeas Team

  6. Hi,

    I’m not exactly sure what you mean when you say to only upload 3 pieces of work, do you mean three projects in their entirety under a singular project page on The Loop, or three images only?

    For example, if I have three projects with six images each, do I submit all 18 images or do I pick the best three and have one image representing each project?

    • Hi Edmond,

      We mean 3 images of 3 different projects. We recommend you choose your 3 best images and have one image representing each project.

      Good Luck!

      The agIdeas Team.

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thanks for contacting us,

      Unfortunately you cannot see who else has entered the competition until the shortlist is announced at the event in 2014.

      Hope this helps!

      Good Luck!

      The agIdeas Team

  7. Hi,
    When you say Low Res, how low did you need the images?

    Also I was wondering if I could have two photos in the one image for one project. It’s just having both photos would better represent the project.


    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for contacting us,

      We require High Res images to be submitted to our dropbox, is that what you mean? We would like them to be 300dpi CMYK

      You can have two photos in the one image

      Hope this helps!

      Best of Luck!

      The agIdeas Team

  8. Hi,
    It is specified that the entries must be in English.
    Is this in regards to the information we provide along with the entry or the content of the actual design?

    I have a project which is bilingual so it features both English and Japanese text which I would like to enter – is this okay?

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